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100% Iberico, Chestnut-fed 
Dehesa de los Monteros

Country of Origin: Spain


1400 pieces/year Chestnut and 4 types of acorns (holm and cork trees, dwarf and gall oaks) which brings different strength and a special sweetness to the ham. 
Faithful to our values of quality, tradition and exclusivity, we have selected a rare number of pure race Iberico pigs that follow a unique feeding process. By eating chestnuts and acorns during the “montanera“ (period of acorn feeding), it gives to the ham a more delicate, subtle and surpassed nuances of taste.


Weight: 50g

Expiration Date: 3 months 
Ingredients: Pork Ham Iberian Bellota 100%, Salt, Sugar, Preservative E-252, antioxidant E-301, acidity regulator E-331

48 months Iberico Ham Bellota, Chesnut Fed

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