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Pre-cooked vacuum-packed, perfectly tender octopus tentacles from Spain. 
This Spanish Octopus has a beautiful dark cherry colour with pure white flesh. The meat has a fine firm bite with a very moist and meaty texture. The flavour is pleasant and fresh but a sprinkling of salt does help bring out the sea-fresh flavours. 
It comes ready to slice in a cold seafood salad. To warm it, slipping the package into boiling water or to sear briefly in a heavy pan or grill.

Country of Origin: Spain 
Expiration Date: 1 month 
Weight: 150g
Ingredients: Cooked octopus, salt, rice starch, milk protein, stabiliser (E-451,E-452,E-415), antioxidant (E-316, E331) and Preservative (E224) Contains milk product and Sulphite 

Pre-Cooked Galician Octopus Leg

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